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TDC markets sites from 4 to 76 Acres in office, warehouse and manufacturing settings.

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17 Market Square, #201
Knoxville, Tennessee  37902

p. (865) 546-5887
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Todd Napier
President and CEO

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TDC Managed Business Parks

Forks of the River Industrial Park
Forks of the River Industrial Park
Knox County's most mature industrial and manufacturing setting
CenterPoint Business Park
A 6-acre site remains at this office-oriented park in west Knox County
Eastbridge Business Park
Development-ready manufacturing sites ranging from 14 to 96 acres are available in Eastbridge
Midway Business Park
Midway Business Park
The newest addition to Knox County's business park portfolio
Hardin Business Park
Sites from 4 to 19 acres in the heart of East Tennessee's technology and research district
Pellissippi Corporate Center
Sites from 7 to 50 acres only minutes from Oak Ridge National Lab
WestBridge Business Park
10 acres remain in this 250 acre business and manufacturing park

A principal role of TDC is to ensure the availability of suitable business park sites within Knox County. TDC is involved in the acquisition, development and management of property for business park use. TDC maintains and operates five such business parks for the benefit of Knox County: Eastbridge in Mascot, and WestBridge, Pellissippi Corporate Center, Hardin, and CenterPoint, all in West Knox County/Hardin Valley. The result of having quality property available in a business park setting, with utilities and other infrastructure, is the recruitment and retention of great businesses to Knox County.

A Commitment to Quality

Each TDC business park has a set of Design Standards and Restrictive Covenants that supplement local regulations and guide the type and quality of development in the parks. All new construction or modifications to existing buildings must comply with these Design Standards and Restrictive Covenants. All plans are reviewed by a Design Review Board.

Helping Grow the Knox County Economy

Development of the TDC business parks requires an investment on the part of the people of Knox County. But, the benefits can be measured by revenue, jobs and wages created by the businesses located within the parks. Learn more about how TDC's business parks have positively impacted the Knox County economy in the Business Park Impacts section.

TDC's Current Property Inventory

Park Name Total Size Net Available Acres
CenterPoint Business Park 60 Acres 6.1 Acres
Eastbridge Business Park 800 Acres 150 Acres
Hardin Business Park 95 Acres 46 Acres
Pellissippi Corporate Center 150 Acres 82 Acres
WestBridge Business Park 250 Acres 11 Acres

Business Park Proposals

Park Name
Proposed Karns Business Park
Proposed Midway Business Park

Other Knox County Business Parks

Park Name Total Size Net Available Acres
Forks of the River Industrial Park 1615 Acres 49 Acres
Business Parks News Business Parks News
Eastbridge Sewer Line Extension Grant Awarded 3D printing East Tennessee’s next manufacturing boon

MPC Approves Midway Business Park Requests

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