Tenant Companies

The Fairview Technology Center (FTC) can be the perfect launching point for technology-based startups.

The following firms are startups currently occupying space at the FTC.

Active Energy Systems

Their core innovation is the use of icephobic heat exchange (IHEX) for ice energy storage.

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3rd Dimension Technologies

Focused on the development of autostereoscopic 3D display systems.

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Developing a new class of high thermal conductivity plastic composite materials designed to improve heat dissipation.

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HTS International Companies

Supplying specialty products to the injection molding and die casting industries, using its proprietary Metal Fusion Technology.

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Machinery Monitoring Solution

Developing and marketing innovative and creative solutions for reciprocating engine and compressor applications.

NuSirt Biopharma

Developed a breakthrough technology platform that combines natural compounds with various pharmaceutical agents. Dedicated to better medicine.

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Peroxygen Systems

A clean chemistry company developing breakthrough technology for on-site hydrogen peroxide production.

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GTA, Inc.

Their international patent portfolio claims scalable seawater submersible electrolysis systems for offshore wind energy storage.

490 Biotech

Providing high quality bioluminescent cell lines that do not require external luciferin treatments to function.

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