About TDC

Our Mission

To facilitate job creation and incentive private development activities in Knox County.

Roles and Responsibilities

A principal role of TDC has been to ensure the availability of suitable sites within Knox County for the recruitment of new companies and the retention of existing companies that will result in direct and measurable increases in quality jobs. TDC is involved in the acquisition, development and management of property for business park use. TDC manages Knox County’s technology business incubator (Fairview Technology Center) and administers the Manufacturing Skills grant program on behalf of Knox County.

TDC Board

TDC’s Board is also designated to serve as Knox County’s Joint Economic and Community Development Board whose establishment was mandated by state legislation to foster communication relative to economic and community development between governmental entities, industry and private citizens.

TDC staff also provides management and administrative services to the Industrial Development Board of the City of Knoxville and The Industrial Development Board of the County of Knox. Among the responsibilities vested with the industrial development boards are managing both the city and county Property Tax Incentive Programs (commonly referred to as PILOT programs) and the Knox County Tax Increment Financing (TIF) program.’The Downtown Cinema Industrial Development Board and the Health, Educational and Housing Facility Board of the County of Knox are also staffed by TDC staff.

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TDC Staff

TDC Formation

The Development Corporation of Knox County (TDC) was established in 1991 as a private, non-profit economic development organization. ‘It was to be governed by a nine-member board consisting of five private citizens approved by the Knox County Commission, the County Mayor and three County Commissioners. TDC’s mission was to promote and stimulate economic and community development within and on behalf of Knox County, Tennessee.

In 2000, the TDC Board was designated to also serve as Knox County’s Joint Economic and Community Development Board. Its board was expanded to 11 members by adding the Mayor of the City of Knoxville and a Knoxville City Council citizen appointee. The Mayor of the Town of Farragut also serves as a member of the Joint Economic and Community Development Board and as a non-voting member of TDC’s Board.


TDC works with local parters to help promote the broader economic development goals of the City of Knoxville and Knox County.

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