The Fairview Technology Center can be the perfect launching point for technology-based start-ups.

Some of our former tenants are evidence that an innovative idea can become a thriving enterprise and a significant contributor our regional economy.

24/7 Systems, Inc.

Tango Web Service, from 24/7 Systems, delivers reliability information management services for industrial plants on a monthly subscription fee basis. Equipment design, location, condition status, failure mode, and repair history is stored in a single web hosted database. The data is entered by industrial manufacturing plants, predictive maintenance service providers, and equipment repair vendors. This standardizes nomenclature and integrates information from many independent sources, and allows plant personnel to retrieve information through a web browser for day-to-day maintenance decisions and longer-term reliability analysis.

3rd Dimension Technologies

Focused on the development of autostereoscopic 3D display systems.


Agilaire, LLC

Agilaire, LLC was founded in December 2005 by former employees of Environmental Systems Corporation as an independent, employee-owned enterprise focused on meeting the needs of the ambient monitoring community. Agilaire provides its customers with premier ambient monitoring software and support services. Aiglaire recently released one of its flagship products, AirVision. AirVision is a revolutionary next-generation ambient monitoring software built on a platform that is capable of addressing current air monitoring needs while accommodating future technical innovations.


AttentionIT is an Information Technology firm employing personnel with over twenty years of experience in providing software application solutions for the environmental waste management industry. Our software, eMWaste’, was originally developed to address the basic management and tracking functions associated with environmental waste by recording the profiling, generation, inventory, processing, treatment, movement, shipping, disposal, and reporting of the waste. Since its inception,eMWaste’ has gone beyond its original scope to include additional module offerings that are integrated in the base software and designed to save the customer money and time.

Catalyst Air Management

Catalyst Air Management, Inc. was formed in 1996 to provide quality process evaluation and emissions testing services for industrial and power generation clients. Catalyst personnel have a combined total of 55 years of onsite experience at power generation facilities. Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, with offices in Morgantown, Pennsylvania and Tampa, Florida, Catalyst Air Management, Inc. is competitive in mobilization costs to sites in eastern and Midwestern states.

Delta 21 Resources, Inc.

Delta-21, celebrating its 27th year of service, conducts government activities ranging from cutting-edge technology-based data collection and processing to the dismantling and reuse of nuclear weapons grade materials for the United States and the former Soviet Republics.

HTS International Companies

Supplying specialty products to the injection molding and die casting industries, using its proprietary Metal Fusion Technology.


Infinite Options, Inc.

Infinite Options, Inc. specializes in data archival, storage, security, disaster recovery and regulatory compliance hardware and software solutions for federal government, healthcare, transportation, legal, insurance, manufacturing, financial, retail, and information technology companies and other organizations. The company focuses on delivering solutions to customers that will reduce the over-all risks, headaches, time, and money spent to protect vital corporate data. The company is headquarted in Knoxville, TN and have been in business for over 23 years.


InRAD, LLC, was founded by the Integrated Manufacturing Technology Initiative (IMTI) in 2003 to provide tools for technology management. The resulting family of web-based software systems utilize leading edge semantic processing capabilities to support strategic technology decisions by enterprise and government.

InRAD’s flagship product is the Automatic Knowledge Discovery System (AKDS), developed under an award from the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Advanced Technology Program with additional funds from National Science Foundation and the Small Business Innovative Research program.



Liora Biologics holds the exclusive license to the NELL1 variant, NELL1 is an extracellular signaling protein expressed in embryological and early neonatal development. This protein can potentially return damaged tissue, bone, and possibly tendons to their original form and function. While healing, NELL1 can signal the body to control inflammation in the disrupted area.


Material Innovations Sensor Development Group

Material Innovations, Inc. has teamed with The University of Tennessee, two industrial partners, and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory to develop a new class of devices for detecting and locating illicit special nuclear material (SNM, e.g. smuggled plutonium) via neutron radiation detection. Neutron radiation is the definitive signature of SNM, making neutron detection the standard method for illicit SNM interdiction. Preliminary results indicate a 100X or better improvement in false alarm rate, 3X sensitivity improvement, unprecedented ruggedness, and a substantially improved cost of ownership compared with the existing state-of-the-art. We propose to exploit this new technology to develop highly accurate and versatile handheld, mobile, and fixed-site detectors.

NucSafe, Inc.

Since 1999, Nucsafe has been focused on nuclear security markets including border, port security, mobile and aerial monitoring and specialized portable applications. Nucsafe manufactures radiation measurement systems for the nuclear safeguards industry, law enforcement and federal agencies tasked with providing nuclear safety and protecting public security. The company has grown to more than 60 employees in the last 6 years including technical and professional staff with decades of experience in commercial nuclear instrumentation and gamma spectroscopy.

Oxyrase, Inc.

Oxyrase, Inc. started business in April, 1987, however, the activities that lead up to incorporation started much earlier. Howard Adler, while researching a factor that contributed to the recovery of radiation damaged cells at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, discovered what we call Oxyrase’. Oxyrase’ is an enzyme system that naturally, selectively, and efficiently removes oxygen from its environment. He learned that cell fractions that contained respiratory enzymes generated anaerobic environments. He recognized the potential for using this enzymatic cell fraction in a practical way to grow a wide range of anaerobes readily in broth culture.

Quinktek Measurement Systems

Quintek Measurement Systems (QMS) designs and manufactures precision x-ray based measurement equipment for the forest products industry. Incorporated in the state of Tennessee in 1995, QMS has achieved over $3 million in sales, from the highly successful QDP-01X profiler and the QTRS-01X tree ring scanner. The QDP is used by the composite panel industry to measure the density profile of panelboard products and been installed in 70 facilities with locations in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe and Australia. With the capability of checking the quality of many materials, the QDP has expanded outside the Forest Products Industry.

RIS Corporation

RIS specializes in high performance instrumentation design and manufacturing for the physics research community. Additionaly, the company works with customers to create instrumentation systems for many field applications where performance, functionality and ruggedized packaging extended the boundaries of available equipment. Our designers are experienced in a wide range of both analog and digital signal processing ranging from linear amplifiers to FPGA designs and extending to mixed signal embedded microcontroller DAQ circuits with custom-tailored firmware. RIS Corp. is on the cutting edge of the next-generation detection and mapping technologies for unexploded ordnance (UXO) and radiological contamination in the sense that we take concepts and new technologies and we make them useable in the field. RIS migrates and qualifies these technologies for field applications.

Streamline Group, LLC

Streamline Group is the first and only business-source for the full spectrum of (electronic and physical) mailing, shipping and receiving (solutions and services). In mailing, financial and logistics, Streamline Group offers equipment, software and web-based solutions to enable companies to accomplish their physical and electronic objectives internally plus services to accomplish these objectives for them. These services include electronic billing, email marketing, process and design.


Developing a new class of high thermal conductivity plastic composite materials designed to improve heat dissipation.


Tec-Com, Inc.

Tec-Com Inc. is a technical communications company specializing in energy and risk-related publications. The company’s staff of writers, editors, and designers have expert skills in creating both on-line and rint publications. Tec-Com’s electronic publishing services include creating custom web sites, promoting web sites to generate new traffic, and monitoring web site traffic. The Company’s print services include roducing corporate annual reports, quarterly reports, newsletters, and brochures. Tec-Com also owns the on-line publication RiskWorld, a World Wide Web site featuring information on the analysis and management of ealth, environmental, financial, and technological risks.